Volunteer for Hurricane Relief Efforts Without Sounding Like a Dick About It Later: A Guide


Everyone who has some free time this weekend should spend their hours volunteering. But after you do your great deeds, like donating food or clothes, you might be tempted to overshare about it. You will immediately want to run to the hilltops and scream, “Hey everybody, look how much good I did.” Don’t do this! You will lose all of the moral superiority that you just earned.

Below are some suggestions that will help you to not act like a stupid jerk who brags about how much they volunteer.

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    What did people do before they were able to brag about their good deeds on the internet?
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    The whole “don’t tell anyone” thing I don’t agree with. My strategy is, tell everyone, blog about how easy it was, and...
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    This is a completely straightforward statement: I can’t wait to read the something the NYT prints about what a huge...
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    Sorry, didn’t see this earlier. I was out volunteering. Not blogging.
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    This is exactly what I mean when I tell people I’m a Kierkegaardian existentialist. Yes, it sounds pretentious as fuck,...
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    My old boss, who was the most horrible person on earth, would always brag about donating to charities. There’s a reason...
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    repost this on facebook but realized I’d probably offend...handful of colleagues
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